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Larry Rarus

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Oct 10 12 11:03 PM

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I never intended to fully refurbish this engine. I just wanted to get it running, but I just couldn't stop myself once I started the project. The before and after pictures are in the pdf available here . This engine isn't just another pretty face. It's a runner. Note the discoloration around the muffler. Here's a link to a video of it running:

The color is actually a darker yellow than it appears. There are a few pictures which more accurately show the real yellow. My camera was bleaching (over-exposing) the pictures for some reason.
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Oct 16 12 7:56 AM

Nice!!!! What yellow is that?

I have 5 i need to do this year yet.

Email me if you want parts or engines at [email protected]

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Thousands of parts.

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Oct 15 13 6:06 AM


Real nice engine you did a good job, I notice that ticking , slapping noise at slow, low, idle . They all make that noise. My 764 A      does too. At first i thought my was just worn out. but after checking out others they all do rebuild or not. Do you know what it is?  Piston slap ?  Crankshaft end play ?   Again nice engine.

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